Maureen B.

19 Jun 2020

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Awhile ago, my dentist of many years retired and I didn’t know where to turn. Upon recommendations from friends, I decided to visit Dr. Stanley Radomsky. I am an older lady (almost 80), and I still have my own teeth, although they’re mainly crowns. Nothing, however, is too much trouble for Dr. Radomsky! I have now been with him for a long time and I look forward to my regular appointments. He is always so pleased to see me and is a very calm, sensitive, caring, and capable dentist and person. He even makes a point to ask about my family!  I don’t think, in today’s rushed world, that there are too many medical professionals with his lovely manner and time to spare for older people.

And his staff are always kind, caring, and patient. For me, my dentist appointments are a very pleasant afternoon appointment to look forward to  – even if it is just for regular teeth cleaning. Dr. Radomsky always makes me feel important. I am very glad that I made the right choice of dentist at the time that I did!