Dale M.

19 Jun 2020

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Recently, I suffered from incredible intense pain on BOTH of  my upper and lower left regions of my mouth.
The pain continued to intensify getting worse over just a couple of days. I had never felt anything like it before…. and I was unsure what I should do?

Fortunately, Dr. Radomsky was able to soon see me (under very short notice). The pain ‘peaks’ almost forced me to pull over on the highway driving to Dr. Radomsky’s office. Upon my arrival at his office, I was immediately put at ease with his care. He was so professional and thorough – and quickly able to precisely diagnose my situation.

I really appreciate the treatment Dr. Radomsky gave me that day but I especially appreciated what he did not do for me! He promptly referred me to a certified specialist (endodontics) and his staff assisted me with quickly getting an appointment. Only hours after seeing Dr. Radomsky, I consider myself very lucky to be receiving a major root canal – from one of Dr. Radomsky’s trusted peers. I received exceptional care from this specialist.

I also received exceptional care during the subsequent follow up treatments (crown) from Dr. Radomsky and his staff.
Thank you very much!