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Teeth Whitening

Maple Mews Dental offers tooth whitening options that are best for you and your smile. Tooth whitening is popular with all ages and the options can be discussed with our team to choose the best option for you!

Whitening Toothpastes

The Maple Mews Dental team is concerned about your teeth. Whitening toothpastes can often be very abrasive, and should not be used long term. There are many over the counter whitening options, none that we find give long lasting results.


Whitening Trays

Professionally dispensed whitening gels can come in prefilled trays or custom-fitted trays. Professionally dispensed whitening gels will give you a better result than over the counter since the whitening agent is a higher concentration. For best results with whitening trays, they must be worn daily for several days to achieve the whitening results you are looking for! The Maple Mews Dental team is happy to discuss the best whitening option for you.

In- Office Whitening

At Maple Mews Dental, the fastest and most effective way to brighten your smile is with “ZOOM” In – Office Whitening. A combination of whitening gel applied in the office with light activation achieves results in just one hour! Get the smile you want in just one appointment!