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At Maple Mews Dental Office, our west Burlington dentists perform a variety of dental treatments to keep your teeth healthy. One of the common treatments we perform to help a tooth is root canal therapy. This procedure is performed when the dental pulp inside your tooth becomes severely decayed, infected or damaged. The pulp consists of blood vessels and nerves, which once decayed can give you extreme pain and discomfort. When this pulp is decayed far enough, the tooth itself might die and be lost. Once this happens we can place an implant or artificial tooth in its place. At Maple Mews Dental, our goal is to save teeth, which can often be done by treating the tooth with a root canal, filling or building up the tooth and placing a dental crown when a tooth is badly broken down.

To save your tooth, our dentists in west Burlington remove the compromised dental pulp and the inner area is refilled again. In the process of removing the dental pulp, we will smooth out the cavity and clean it thoroughly to prevent further bacteria buildup and decay. The tooth is then filled, capped and adjusted to fit best with the rest of your teeth. A crown (or dental cap) will then be placed over the restoration and fitted, giving you a brand new chewing surface that will last for a long time with proper care. This crown is placed on top of the tooth to protect it. During your root canal therapy , you will be given anesthesia, so rest assured that we will reduce the pain you feel during the procedure. A root canal therapy is the best way to ensure you minimize pain and discomfort or run the risk of tooth loss.

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Last Updated On 2020-10-23