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Periodontal Treatment

Graft ( Gum Graft )

When your gum tissue has receded , exposing the tooth’s root treatment with a gingival graft or “gum graft ” may be necessary . Gum tissue can recede for a variety of reasons including aggressive brushing, poor oral hygiene, periodontal disease and orthodontic tooth movement.

Gingival graft therapy restores the receded gum and helps to prevent continued recession and bone loss. In addition to preventing future gum loss, a graft can also be used to improve your smile by making the gum line even across the front teeth; getting rid of that “long in the tooth” look and covering up exposed, yellowish roots. As exposed roots can be temperature sensitive (such as occurs with cold drinks) and susceptible to cavities, covering the roots with gum tissue can alleviate discomfort and protect them from decay