Non-Surgical Gum Therapy | Gum Disease, Periodontist in Burlington -Maple Mews Dental

You may be suffering from gum disease and not even realize it. It starts off painlessly, and includes minor symptoms such as bad breath and irritated or bleeding gums. However, it can become much more serious. Serious cases of gum disease can cause excessive gum recession and even your teeth to fall out.


The most effective non-surgical techniques to combat gum disease are:

  • Localized medication : To fight the gum disease, local medication is given to the affected areas.
  • Curettage : To stop the chronic irritation and inflammation of your tissues, infected gum tissues  are removed to allow healthy tissues to grow.
  • Root-Planing : This process removes and smoothes tiny amounts of infected root surfaces to allow your soft tissue to heal.

If the above techniques aren’t enough, we may recommend a periodontist who can surgically remove the infected gum tissues.

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