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Family Dentistry in Burlington

The best way to keep your smile healthy is by cultivating good oral hygiene. And a great way to build up good oral hygiene habits is by starting at an early age with the right direction from your family dentist. It’s recommended that children start seeing the dentist by the age of 1, when the teeth have already started to develop. Baby teeth start to develop at 6 months and they should be cleaned and checked to ensure they stay healthy. Baby teeth are important for the development of speaking, chewing and the healthy development of permanent teeth later on. Our Maple Mews team loves treating children, and we encourage good oral hygiene habits that will last you a lifetime.


Family Dentist Burlington
New Moms, do you have breastfeeding issues? Is your baby “tongue tied”?


We also offer treatment for babies experiencing a tongue tie. For more information, click here.


Both adults and children should visit the dentist every six months for a dental examination and dental cleaning (hygiene appointment). These dental visits allow the dentist to check and treat oral problems, such as decay, gum disease, chipped and cracked teeth, and to screen for oral cancer. We strive to help you have a smile that can last you a lifetime. We take pride in providing family & cosmetic dentistry in West Burlington. Our dental team can assist you in both English & Polish.


Children's Dentistry in BurlingtonAt Maple Mews Dental in Burlington, our dentists in Burlington offer a welcoming environment for your entire family. We strive to make every dental appointment the best experience possible. The amenities at Maple Mews Dental Office include reception area with television, games, books and PlayStation for kids of all ages. We have friendly, comforting team members, calm & comfortable treatment rooms, pillows for your neck & back and hot towels at the end of your dental visit. So if you’re looking for a dental practice that goes the extra mile for you and your smile, call Maple Mews Dental Office today! You can contact us to set up an appointment by email at or phone 905-632-2442.

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