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For our patients who play sports, it’s important to protect your teeth from possible injury. In fact, oral injuries are some of the most common sports injuries to occur. Much like a helmet protects your head, mouth-wear protects your mouth from damage. Maple Mews Dental Office in Burlington offers athletic mouthwear in different colours.  Our mouthwear is scientifically engineered to offer maximum protection and comfort. This is because each one is customized to the unique fit of your mouth. In comparison to store-bought mouth-guards, a custom made and measured device provides better protection, is much more comfortable and can last for a long time with proper care.


There are very few sport and activities in which your teeth and mouth don’t run a risk of damage. Whether you like physical and competitive sports like boxing, wrestling, rugby, hockey, or football, or intense activities such as climbing, water-sports, mountain biking or even weight lifting, you can protect your mouth and save yourself the grief and expense of corrective or emergency dentistry.


Mouthguards save teeth! Don’t hit the field, mat or rink without one!


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