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Fillings, of course, restore cavities and often are the best solution to reinforce a tooth and restore its chewing surface when it has been damaged by accident, injury or long-term wear.  When the treatment is minor treatment necessary on a tooth, a filling can be placed, for more extensive tooth damage options may include inlays, onlays , rooth canal and/ or crowns.   Should a filling, inlay, onlay or crown be the best treatment for your dental needs, you’ll be happy to know that Maple Mews Dental offers amalgam-free dentistry in Burlington. Thanks to modern techniques and materials, dental crowns, porcelain inlay / onlays and bonded fillings are tooth coloured, so they are no longer visible or unsightly.


At Maple Mews Dental, our goal is to team with each and every patient to prevent cavities. Dr. Beata Rzepka and Dr. Tracy Parker, along with our dental hygiene team, work closely with each patient to determine if cavities are present and what may be the culprit. Is it diet, the sugar you add to your coffee daily, your oral hygiene habits? Are you flossing?  Your teeth are so important, not some of them … all of them!  We love helping to maintain beautiful smiles!


If you do need treatment, whether you require a simple filling replaced, a crown to repair a damaged tooth or an advanced procedure like a root canal therapy, Maple Mews Dental Office has the solution for you. Dr. Rzepka or Dr. Parker will examine your individual case carefully, present to you your personal treatment options, and ensure that you understand and agree with the proposed treatment. Our administrative team at Maple Mews Dental will work with you and the dentist to ensure you understand the treatment and the related fees and payment for your dental treatment. We will look after you with utmost care.

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Amalgam Free Dentistry in Burlington  Amalgam Free Dentistry in Burlington ON