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YOU!!! Are Important to the Maple Mews Dental Team !


Some People avoid smiling !  Dental or oral health issues could include:

  • Bad Breath
  • Broken or decayed teeth
  • Missing teeth


Bad breath , broken , decayed or missing teeth affect one’s self confidence and self esteem . At Maple Mews Dental,  we have solutions !  We want you to smile ! Once we meet our patients, evaluate each individuals situation, we listen to you and your concerns, and we determine the best treatment options to have you smiling again!


Diabetes and other health conditions can affect your oral health and your oral health can affect medical conditions.

Inflammation, infection or disease in your mouth can affect medical conditions including diabetes and put you at high risk for heart disease and stroke.  Medical conditions including diabetes, stroke, autoimmune disease including Sjogren’s disease can cause decreased salivary flow and lead to dry mouth.  Cancer treatment also can cause dry mouth.


The medications that you are taking daily can affect your oral health?

Many medications on their own or in combination affect your salivary flow and cause dry mouth.  Dry mouth can lead to increased risk or periodontal disease and increased risk of dental cavities.

Our team at Maple Mews Dental will help you with the solution that is best for your oral health needs!


Oral cancer is often detected during a routine dental visit?

One very important reason that comprehensive and regular dental examinations are a priority to the Maple Mews Dental team, is that each examination includes a check for oral cancer.  Early diagnosis through screening and early detection is critical . Oral cancer includes cancer of the tongue, lips, floor of mouth, salivary glands and oropharynx.

The mental health, physical health … overall health of our patients is of utmost importance to the team at Maple Mews Dental !  Your smile and oral health are certainly a priority..but we want you to know we care about YOU … all of YOU!

Dr. Beata Rzepka, Dr Tracy Parker & Team

Do you need to schedule or reschedule your dental appointment? Call our team at 905-632-2442 or email We have extended our office hours to include additional early morning and evening hours. We look forward to hearing from you!

The health and safety of our patients and team has always been a priority at Maple Mews Dental and will continue to be. We carefully prescreen and screen each patient and all team members. In addition our already strict infection control & sterilization protocols have been enhanced during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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