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Newsletter May 1/ 2020

Maple Mews Dental


Young children cannot take care of their smile on their own, its up to you, mom and dad to brush and floss for them! We know this can be a challenge .. another battle in the day! Try these hints:

** Lay your child’s head in your lap … on couch/ bed so you can see the teeth

** For an infant use a soft brush or even cloth to wipe the mouth/ teeth

** For toddler, young child brush with a soft brush and floss

** Toothpaste is not important … the brushing to remove debris on the teeth is

As your child grows, and wants to brush … at Maple Mews Dental we suggest to let the child brush first, and then you, the parent brush again right after ! Flossing can be difficult, try floss pics but don’t skip flossing ! Flossing is the only way to clean in between the teeth.

Brushing charts, timers, and other fun gadgets can take the dread out of family brush time! Ask us for suggestions at your family’s next dental visit if brushing is a battle in your home!

Dr. Beata Rzepka , Dr Tracy Parker & Team

Maple Mews Dental , Burlington Dentist

Thank you from the Maple Mews Dental Team to all those working in our community including many of you , our valued patients . that keep us healthy and safe..THANK YOU ! For those working in grocery,delivery transportation & food THANK YOU ! We appreciate all you do!

At Maple Mews Dental we are committed to taking care of your oral health needs. We continue to be closed for all non- essential treatment .. BUT if you have a dental emergency involving pain and or infection .. it is important to call us! We can be reached at 905-632-2442

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