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Newsletter April 22/ 2020

Maple Mews Dental

We hope we find you healthy and happy today! We hope that you are smiling!  Although these times are difficult for everyone, each in your own ways … we encourage you to Smile !  It’s so easy to smile … why work overtime to frown!


Oral Cancer Check! 

As a Burlington dentist, we at Maple Mews Dental Office, care about you! We want the best for you and your health . This is why is it important for us to know about you and your habits … we don’t judge!  Educating ourselves so that we can educate you is a top priority for our team.

Habits including Drinking Alcohol, Smoking – cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco and vaping can lead to oral cancer.   Oral cancer is fairly common. Oral Cancer can be cured if found, diagnosed and treated at an early stage . At Maple Mews Dental, Oral Cancer screening is done for every patient at each comprehesive examination and each visit with the dental hygienist .

Just as we encourage you to check at home, common indications of oral cancer that we look for can include; unusual lumps or bumps, discolouration or unusual spots in your mouth, or sores on your gums, cheeks or tongue .  Don’t skip your next dental visit .. It could Save your Life!

Dr Beata Rzepka, Dr. Tracy Parker & Maple Mews Dental Team


What’s #trending ? ( and NOT in a good way)
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