Newsletter April 15/2020

                                     Maple Mews Dental   April 15/ 2020
                                       April is Dental Health Month 
Diet and exercise are very important to keep us healthy.  Did you know that a having a healthy mouth is also an important part of being healthy? 
The Maple Mews Dental Team & The Canadian Dental Association Encourage these 5 steps for a Healthy Mouth and Healthy You !  
1.  Keep your mouth clean - Brush at least twice day and floss daily 
2. Check your mouth - If you notice a change in your mouth including unusual spots, lumps or bumps you should see a dentist 
3.  Eat a well balanced diet , limiting sugary foods and drinks 
4. Visit the dentist regularly ( We can not see you right now .. but look forward to the day we are open again for regular dental care for you !) 
5. Limit alcohol, avoid smoking , smokeless tobacco and vaping . These unhealthy habits can contribute to oral cancer. 
If you have any questions please let us know, we can be reached at 905-632-2442 or 
Maple Mews Dental Team 
          How clean is YOUR toothbrush? 
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Is the toothpaste you use the best for your teeth and oral care? Ask us at your next visit ! 
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