How much sugar do you drink?

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You don’t eat candy and sugary treats but yet every time you visit the dentist, you have a cavity and you just can’t figure out why!!

Foods containing carbohydrates turned into bacteria. The bacteria generates acid by- products which slowly create holes in the teeth – a cavity! If not treated, holes become larger and can destroy the whole tooth – leading to tooth loss. One of the most common causes of tooth decay are sugary drinks – hot and cold!

The more sugar consumed, the more acid produced which leads to tooth decay!


How much sugar do you drink every day? We know that many drinks, including pop, have a high sugar content but did you every consider that by adding sugar to your tea or coffee this is the culprit of your tooth decay?


At Maple Mews Dental, we always recommend drinking water … it’s healthy for your teeth and your overall health! If you must drink coffee or tea including latte’s, cappuccino, frappuccino ‘s and all the other fancy hot or cold drinks it’s always best to:


Drink it all at once – don’t sip !
Rinse with water or brush after your drink, just as you would after you have a sugary snack
Brush and floss! Brush 2-3 times daily AND floss daily!
Sugary drinks indeed could be your cavity causing culprit!

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