5 Reasons to Rethink Missing Your Next Dental Appointment

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It may be tempting to put off your upcoming dental appointment because life is busy, or you’re feeling good so there’s no need, or you really do not want to go (we know the deal). Once you miss one appointment, it’s easy to miss others. Your Maple Mews Dental team is here to tell you that it is a slippery slope and one that could end in serious dental decay.

Prevention is the best approach to your dental health, which means keeping up with your daily brushing and flossing habits, along with visiting your family dentist at least once a year (more if you have benefits that allow for it).

Here’s 5 reasons why we highly suggest keeping that appointment:

1. Early Detection: Whether you have a cavity or something more complicated such as gum disease, early detection just makes things easier and improves your likelihood of correcting the issue before it causes too much damage. However, if left untreated, you could be looking at bigger, deep-rooted issues that could require invasive corrective procedures. Your South Burlington dental team prefers to take a proactive approach and catch any concerns early.

2. Ward Off Gum Disease: As tartar builds up on your teeth and along your gum line, it creates small pockets, or gaps, between your teeth and your gum where bacteria can collect. That bacteria can cause gum disease. Regular dental visits ensure that your gums are healthy and remove that tartar before it does damage.

3. Oral Cancer Screenings: We don’t like to think about cancer, but it is a reality. One of the core services offered during your regular dental checkups with your family dentist in South Burlington is oral screening for cancer. Like all other dental issues, early detection provides the best opportunity for treatment. If this doesn’t convince you to keep your dental appointments, we’ll keep going.

4. Maintaining a Bright Smile: If you are like our Maple Mews Dental Team you like your daily cup of coffee or tea and even a glass of red wine. While we would never suggest that you give up these treats, we do know that they can stain your teeth. Keeping your dental appointment and getting your professional cleaning can help you reverse the stains, restoring your naturally beautiful smile.

5. That Clean Feeling: You really don’t get a true clean feeling from brushing alone. Regardless of your dental hygiene habits, plaque and tartar naturally build up over time. The only true way to remove that build up is by allowing your family dentist in South Burlington to professionally remove the substance from your teeth. There’s nothing quite like that after-dentist feeling!

Have we convinced you? Call Maple Mews Dental in South Burlington today if you need to set an appointment. If you already have one on the calendar, we look forward to seeing you then!