December 2020 is Here!!

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As we reflect upon 2020 and the many challenges the year has presented for everyone around the world, we can be thankful that our team at Maple Mews Dental & families have been healthy & safe!

Dr. Rzepka ,Dr. Parker and team continue to be prepared to treat all patients in our safe environment. We are pleased to share that with strict protocols in place, patients that have visited, even those that were nervous to do so during this time have reported that they feel very safe in our office! The health and safety our patients will continue to be our number one priority!

Do NOT ignore a toothache or dental concern!

A toothache or dental problem may present as
**tooth sensitivity or pain
**chronic toothache
**intense throbbing or pain
**pain when eating or drinking
**swelling in the mouth or of the face
**pain in the jaw joint
**broken or fractured tooth

A toothache, sensitive teeth, sore gum tissue or abnormal lump, bump or swelling in your mouth should not be ignored! Dental issues do not only affect your oral health but your overall health including heart disease and diabetes !

At Maple Mews Dental we strive to see dental emergencies within 24 hours during business hours. Your oral health is important to us!

We have been privileged to see many of you during the past several months, we thank you for your visit, it was great to see you … and for those that we have not yet seen since reopening in June , we miss you and hope to see you soon! If at any time you have any questions about a safe dental visit at Maple Mews Dental please contact our team , we are happy to put you at ease!

Our wish to you and your family during the holiday season and always is that you are safe & healthy!

Dr Rzepka, Dr. Parker & Team

Maple Mews Dental Team


Dec 21, 22 Regular hours
Dec 23 closed 6PM
Dec 24,25,26,27 Closed
Dec 28,29,30
Regular hours
Dec 31, Jan 1 Closed

Enjoy all the Christmas sweets & drinks …but don’t forget that it’s best to eat more at once then to snack or sip all day! And don’t forget to brush!

Merry Christmas from the Maple Mews Dental Team!

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