Cavities – Let’s Prevent them Together!

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In recent months, our team at Maple Mews Dental is seeing more patients with more decay than ever before! Why?

  • Changes in daily routines can affect our oral care routines … Remember to brush at least 2 times daily and floss daily .. Develop good habits by doing it every day!
  • Snacking more & Drinking more sugary drinks! Avoid sugary foods and drinks ..and when you must have them drink water after to cleanse your mouth !
  • If you are sipping your drinks – don’t do it !! Just drink it and rinse your mouth with water! The more sipping of sugary drinks, the more chance the acids in the sugars have to attack the teeth and cause cavities!
  • Have you skipped your routine dental visits? At regular dental visits with the dental hygienist, the plaque and bacteria are removed … the more buildup that sits on your teeth for a long period of time – the more chance you have of developing gum disease and cavities!

Cavities or a cavity developing are most often pain free and unseen… silently the tooth is breaking down due to acids made by bacteria in the mouth! Prevention is always the goal for our team at Maple Mews Dental … working closely with you to prevent gum disease and prevent cavities, treating in early stages and suggesting treatment options to help you avoid larger dental issues including losing teeth so that you can have the smile you deserve and want !

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