Our Hygiene Team

Lori joined Maple Mews Dental in 2000 and has been a Registered Dental Hygienist for over 20 years, working in both Ontario and British Columbia. Lori’s diversity working with clients of all ages to treat gum disease, is an asset to our dental practice. Lori is pleased to offer patients extended hour appointments, including evening and Saturday appointments.

Christine a Registered Dental Hygienist, joined the Maple Mews Dental team in the spring of 2007. Christine brings 17 years of experience as a dental health professional to our practice. Christine’s passion for dentistry is apparent as she educates you each visit about the importance of good oral care and the advances in treatment of gum disease. Christine’s flexible schedule offers evening and Saturday appointment times for your convenience. 

Stephanie, is a part–time Registered dental hygienist who joined our dental health team in 2009. Stephanie joins our team providing preventative services and educating you, the patient, about the benefits of good oral care and a beautiful smile. Stephanie would love to share with you the cosmetic services we provide including teeth whitening and dental implants.

Clinical and Business Team

Laura has been the Office Manager at Maple Mews Dental since 1998. Laura has developed a diverse background in dentistry and holds the credentials CDAII ( Certified Level II Dental Assistant), CDTC ( Certified Dental Treatment Coordinator) and CDR ( Certified Dental Receptionist). She is a Past President of the Ontario Dental Assisting Association. Laura's passion and enthusiasm for dentistry and client services shine through her welcoming smile. Laura is ready to assist you with the business pertaining to your dental care and assists the team in educating you about the services we provide to enhance your smile.

Monika, a Certified Level II Dental Assistant is a key player at Maple Mews Dental as Dr Rzepka’s Dental Assistant. Monika enjoys all aspects of dentistry, with her particular interest being cosmetic dentistry. She regularly attends continuing education courses to keep up to date with the latest technologies and advancements in dentistry. Monika is fluent in English and Polish.


Dental Assistant, Laura P, has over 20 years dental experience and returned to join our team in 2013 after working in the Niagara region for 10 years. Laura is our clinical dental assistant working with Dr. Rzepka, Dr. Parker and Dr.Chan . Laura’s great personality along with her organizational skills are great assets to our patients and our team. Laura enjoys spending time at the Niagara wineries and is proud to be a Level 3 Sommelier.

Alice has been working in the dental field for many years and joined Maple Mews Dental in 2015. Alice is a clinical and administrative dental assistant. Alice’s knowledge in dentistry is a great asset; she will be happy to answer any questions you may have about dental treatment that Dr. Rzepka or Dr. Parker recommend. Alice enjoys the outdoors. Alice is also fluent in Polish.

Alison, a Certified Dental Assistant with over 20 years of experience in the dental field joined Maple Mews Dental in 2017. Alison brings with her many years as a Chairside Dental Assistant, working closely with the dentist and has several years of administrative experience. Alison is working closely with our administrative team and is one of the first smiles you will see on your visit to Maple Mews Dental. Alison is happy to assist you with scheduling appointments, with your dental estimates for treatment, with your payments and dental insurance.